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Olymp Trade is one of the best platforms for online trading in the financial markets for professionals and novices alike.

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More traders are choosing derivatives rather than other financial instruments. The reason is they are easy to trade, or so it seems. Trading this kind of financial derivatives is basically deciding.

Traders have many assets to choose from Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 on the Olymp Trade platform. Exchanging currencies is one of the very popular options. In fact, foreign exchange is the largest market of all. To start trading.

Traders often use indicators to be able to analyse the markets better. Moving averages are the ones most commonly employed. There exist various types of them and so you may utilise them in different.

Register account at Olymp Trade How do I open a Olymp trade account? If you want to start trading the first step will be opening an account on the trading platform. You are in the right place.

You always need to have a strategy Not having a clear strategy You need to have a good strategy to avoid losing. In fact, you can call it a must when it comes to trading. What will make an.

Today we will present you with an interesting strategy for trading financial derivatives that will help you identify the most convenient places to open a position. The strategy uses 2 simple.

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The trading products offered by the companies listed on this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.
You should never trade money that you cannot afford to lose.

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Olymp Trade’s Halal Accounts

Olymptrade halal account

Olymptrade halal account

Olymp Trade’s platform offers Muslim users opportunities to trade forex that meet all Islam’s requirements.

Our trading platform has attracted thousands of traders from across the globe. Users not only love our platform due to its high quality standards, but we also ensure that we always meet the requirements of our customers and have created a trading environment that is truly comfortable.

Olymp Trade platform accounts have been brought in line with Islam requirements, specifically for traders from Muslim countries. This makes it possible for Muslim users to learn more about business opportunities presented by the forex (foreign exchange) market.

The main reason why Muslims often don’t want to trade forex is because of the common misconception that forex trading is gambling.

Trading Is Not Gambling

With gambling, every outcome depends on chance. This is not the case with forex as cash flows internationally are governed by the economy, more specifically, the laws of supply and demand. Investors don’t rely on intuition or chance, but use trading strategies that allow them to identify market conditions where they can possibly make a profit.

By using Olymp Trade’s Forex platform, our clients are able to learn how to use common analysis tools, basic trading strategies and general forex trading principles for free.

No Swaps

The users of the platform don’t have to pay swaps, which depend Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 on the interest rates as defined by the country that has issued the currency’s central bank. If a position is to be kept open on the platform overnight, a fixed fee Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 is payable. This fee is known beforehand and has no link to the interest rate of any bank. Traders therefore know the position’s total cost, even before it is opened, irrespective Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 of the level of investment horizon they set.

Real Prices and Markets

When traders execute trades in spot-markets, they are trading with real goods. As Islam bans working on contracts that involve the deferred supply of goods, e.g. futures or forwards, our Muslim traders only work in the real market, i.e. the spot market.

Trades are executed at market prices that are determined by other users of foreign exchange markets. A chart is used to indicate the actual value of the asset. Working with these prices fully meets Islam requirements.

Trades are not limited by time, allowing you to make decisions on investments without having to worry about factors such as futures expiration, i.e. its circulation expiring.

In Islam, opinions on trading the foreign exchange market differ. Some individual see forex as a game, while others don’t accept participating in trading due to the close link between loan interest and currencies. The mechanisms that are used to determine whether various aspects of trading comply with Islam’s requirements are very complex. For those who want to trade in the forex market however, Olymp Trade’s platform presents a high-quality option that meets exacting standards.

Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户

Индикатор Average Directional Index

Как Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 правило, большинство существующих трендовых индикаторов располагаются непосредственно на самом ценовом графике. Однако, из всех правил есть исключение. Одним из таких редких инструментов стал Average Directional Index (ADX), более напоминающий осциллятор.

Всё что нужно знать о стратегиях для Fixed Time Trades

Специально для вас мы отобрали лучшие базовые системы, которые познакомят вас с методиками анализа цены актива, помогут совершить первые успешные сделки уже сегодня, а также познакомят вас с одним из самых прибыльных инструментов — Fixed Time Trades.

Инструмент «Уровни Фибоначчи» в терминале от Olymp Trade

«Уровни Фибоначчи» являются универсальным инструментом, позволяющим определять окончание коррекции и находить идеальные точки для покупки краткосрочных контрактов.

Стратегия «Третья волна Элиотта»

Стратегия, основанная на теории Элиотта, позволит вам значительно увеличить свою прибыль от торговли на рынке бинарных опционов.

Индикатор Donchian Channel

Donchian Channel – один из самых старых, но в то же время эффективных, трендовых индикаторов, Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 который по сей день пользуется большой популярностью у трейдеров.

Deposit Money

Olymp Trade is one more broker where you can make money. Many professional traders are using this exact trading platform. If you want to make money and gain profit, first what you will need to do is make a deposit.

How to make deposit?

How to make deposit on Olymptrade broker?

How to make deposit on Olymptrade broker?Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户

Initially you will have the demo account where money aren’t real. In order to make your Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 first deposit you will need to click on the orange “Make a deposit” button which is located on the top right side of the page as it is shown on the picture.

Select payment method on olymptrade broker

Select payment method on olymptrade broker

You will be redirected to the following page. Here Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 you will be able to select method of payment which is more suitable for you (Visa, MasterCard, e-payments, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Fasapay and bitcoin).

Select amount of deposit on Olymptrade broker

Select amount of deposit on Olymptrade broker

Here you will need to select the amount which you want to deposit. The good thing is you will get a 100% bonus on your first deposit if you will make it in a first hour after registration. After you had made your choice, press on the green “Deposit” button.

Deposit by bank card

Olymp Trade bank card payment

Olymp Trade bank card payment

Yes, Olymp Trade do accept bank cards as you may see on the picture. You can make a deposit via your debit or credit Visa or MasterCard. Thus you may not worry about this.

Deposit with E-wallet payments

Olymptrade e-wallet payments

Olymptrade e-wallet payments

Yes, Olymp Trade do accept e-wallet payments as you may see on the picture. You may choose one method of 8 possible payments on this platform (e-payments, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Fasapay and bitcoin).

Verification before make deposit

Pass verification on Olymptrade before make deposit

Pass verification on Olymptrade before make deposit

You will not need to verify your identity to make a deposit on Olymp trade. However, I recommend to verify your telephone number and e-mail address. Also I recommend to add Two-factor authentication for safety of your funds.

Account Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 balande & amount of deposit

Olymptrade account balande & amount of deposit

Olymptrade account balande & amount of deposit

The minimum amount of a deposit Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 on Olymp Trade is 10 EUR. When the maximum is 15 000 EUR. If you Olymp Trade 开设模拟账户 want to deposit a bigger amount, you always can make it in two or more attempts.

Bonus on deposit

Olymp Tarde bonuses on deposit

Olymp Tarde bonuses on deposit

Olymp Trade does offer bonuses. As I already mentioned at the beginning you will double your deposit if you will make it in the first hour after registration on the platform. As you can see on the picture, there are some other bonuses which you can select (Welcome, deposit bonuses and a promo code). You can find those promocodes in the internet to have free funds on your account.