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We built Ideas so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can easily share their thoughts and opinions on global markets. Now, thousands and thousands of users create Ideas every day from 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade our charting platform: discussing their predictions, market analysis and general trade set-ups with others in the community. Why are Ideas so important? Well, in our opinion, there might be loads of other places where you can talk about finance on the web, but very few of them offer the same highly-bespoke and trustworthy social experience as we do.

We arrived at this optimal space for trader discussion through a combination of advanced charting functionality, playback buttons to see how trades panned out, open community feedback, and the inability of users to delete Ideas that didn’t go their way. Have a look around at the Ideas here: enjoy them, learn from them, and then why not publish one of your own? Just press the big blue Publish button located at the top right of your chart.

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Каждый месяц на сайт приходят более 7 000 000 уникальных посетителей — здесь вы найдете ответы на любые вопросы 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade о языках MQL4/MQL5, тестировании стратегий, индикаторах, роботах и трейдинге в целом.如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade

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  • Пакистанская биржа PMEX начала работать 22 часа в сутки благодаря MetaTrader 5

Благодаря MetaTrader 5 пакистанской бирже PMEX удалось увеличить торговое время еще на час 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade — теперь клиенты могут совершать торговые операции 22 часа в сутки. В первую очередь это стало возможно благодаря встроенным в платформу функциям автоматизации, которые использует бэк-офис биржи для клиринга и расчетов.

8 и 9 июня компания MetaQuotes примет участие в финансовой выставке iFX EXPO International 2022, которая пройдет в кипрском Лимасоле.

При этом компания продолжает предлагать фиксированные спреды, чтобы предоставлять клиентам больше вариантов при торговле.

MetaQuotes разрабатывает программное обеспечение и не предоставляет инвестиционных или брокерских 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade услуг

Euro / U.S. Dollar EURUSD

Everyone’s been watching the European Central Bank for its historic rate hike decision, and it comes out 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade harsher than anyone expected.

Investors in Europe continue to grapple with the threat of an energy crisis, fleeing to the perceived safety 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade of the dollar.

Ichimoku Cloud strategy with freqtrade

There 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade are multiple ideas that you can use to trade with Ichimoku 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade Cloud, we’ll trade using Tenkan over Kijun cross along with using 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the color of the ichimoku cloud at given candle.

We need to install custom indicators, you can read here how to do so.


The strategy is fairly simple, we will use the timeframe of 15 minutes and will buy when Tenkan crosses Kijun and the Ichimoku Cloud is Red, it will then take profits 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade at 100% or trail the stop loss to 5% from entry 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade price as soon as it reaches 20% from initial buy price.如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade

The trailing stop will only start after the price reaches 20% and it will keep trailing with highest reached price until its either stopped or the pair reaches a 100% from entry.如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade

This is how the strategy would look like on tradingview:

[tv-ideaview idea=”YHToFHfR” width=”980″ height=”980″ language=”en”]


After the installation it should be fairly simple. Copy test_strategy.py located on freqtrade/user_data/strategies to ichimoku.py:

After that, modify the ichimoku.py with your preferred editor. Add the following line below import numpy:

Modify 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the class name to ichis, it will look like this:

For roi and stop-loss, we’ll use the following settings:

This means that 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the strategy will take profit at 100% profit, initially it will 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade set a stop loss of -10% and will trail the stop when it reaches 20% profits by moving the stop-loss to -15% from the 20% point, and then it will trail it with the highest reached price.

Find the function def populate_indicators and add the following lines:

Find the def populate_buy_trend function and add:

For the function def populate_sell_trend you can leave it empty as we’ll use ROI or Trailing stop-loss to sell the position rather than a specific sell trigger. It should look like this:

You can create your own sell conditions on bearish Tenkan over 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade Kijun cross or use a simple smacross! Try it and let 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade us know how it goes in the comments.

Now you 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade should be able to backtest the strategy and modify accordingly to your preferences. You can read more about backtesting here and about 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the ichimoku cloud here.

Margin Lending on FTX

SushiSwap 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade

Hxro: Daily Fantasy Crypto Trading

EMX Trading Platform – Outdated platform no longer exist (8/06/2022)

TomoChain Decentralized Exchange: TomoDEX

Quedex: Bitcoin Futures and Options – Outdated Quedex was sold and became Bitso (8/06/2022)


credit should be given to 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the codes of freqtrade a d technical


Hey Berlinguyinca, we appreaciate the work from freqtrade along with your own repository. We do cite 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade the freqtrade technical github in the post where we explain how to add custom indicators.


I get these error , I cant see anything diff between your post anf my “py” script/file
” ichi=ichimoku(dataframe)
NameError: name ‘dataframe’ is not defined”


Please share your strategy file on a pastebin link and we’ll take a look.


Getting error, seems like trailing_stop_positive can have a value below zero. Is -0.15 the correct value?

2020-04-24 21:21:20,494 – freqtrade.configuration.config_validation – CRITICAL – Invalid configuration. See config.json.example. Reason: -0.15 is less than the minimum 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade of 0

Failed validating ‘minimum’ in schema[‘properties’][‘trailing_stop_positive’]:

On instance[‘trailing_stop_positive’]:
2020-04-24 21:21:20,497 – freqtrade – ERROR – Fatal exception!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/freqtrade/freqtrade/main.py”, line 36, in main
return_code = args[‘func’](args)
File “/freqtrade/freqtrade/commands/optimize_commands.py”, line 48, in start_backtesting
backtesting = Backtesting(config)
File “/freqtrade/freqtrade/optimize/backtesting.py”, line 80, in __init__
File “/freqtrade/freqtrade/configuration/config_validation.py”, line 80, in validate_config_consistency 如何在其上交易Ichimoku Cloud策略 Olymp Trade
File “/freqtrade/freqtrade/configuration/config_validation.py”, line 58, in validate_config_schema
raise ValidationError(
jsonschema.exceptions.ValidationError: -0.15 is less than the minimum of 0