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The During the course of your account check, we found that we violated the transaction required under Article 1.8.2, namely:
"Use anonymous and other software to ensure that the customer's anonymity, hide the true IP address of the client device." If the Rules are destroyed, the Company reserves the right to refuse further service (service delivery), terminate this Agreement, and prevent the possibility of further operation without any explanation.

In this regard, we inform you that your account has been blocked and detained (excluding the amount of deposit you had previously refunded). The amount of the deposit that has 交易 Olymp Trade 前要考慮的簡單提示 been paid within 5 business days will be refunded to your source of payment.
Amount to be paid: $ 977.

Where the 交易 Olymp Trade 前要考慮的簡單提示 Company establishes a company to open a trading account, the Company reserves the right to confirm all accounts and all funds for these trading accounts.

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如果您有疑问或有兴趣充分利用 Olymp Trade 平台并想了解如何使用一些出色的策略、指标和其他工具,请务必访问这些资源。

教授交易很重要,Olymp Trade 投入巨资为我们的客户提供最好的分析工具以及如何使用它们的适当培训。 您想成为更好的交易者,我们希望您成为更好的交易者。

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单击此处: https :

//plus.olymptrade.com/en/help/section/education 在这些以客户为中心的领域,您几乎可以找到在 Olymp Trade 上成功交易所需的一切。 在我们的热门博客上了解最新趋势和新闻,在实时网络研讨会中互动,或仅观看录制版本。

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Olymp Trade 5 年来一直是值得信赖的经纪人,拥有来自世界各地的数百万交易者。 很有可能,如果您有问题,过去其他人也曾有过该问题,而 Olymp Trade 的常见问题解答非常广泛。

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常见问题解答: https : //plus.olymptrade.com/en/help


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也许您已经知道这一点,但是所有具有高级或专家身份的 Olymp Trade 客户都可以联系个人交易顾问。 这些顾问是专业分析师,与 Olymp Trade 客户合作开发满足每个投资者个人需求的交易策略和方法。

如果您现在没有高级或专家状态,请不要担心。 您可以通过 Trader 计划的 Olymp Trade Path 培训或增加您的账户余额来获得这些状态。

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