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Chase Total Checking Account 摩根大通支票账户简介

【2022.7 更新】 时隔两年,$300 checking + $200 savings + $100 both 的开户奖励终于又回来啦!HT: DoC.

【2021.10 更新】 之前和CFU一起开多拿$100的开户奖励结束了,目前只有普通的$225开户奖励了。


  1. 开户奖励 $300。所需条件见下文。
  2. 月费 $12,避免月费方法见下文。
  3. 如果6个月内关账户,会被收回开户奖励。在那之后关户不会产生费用。
  4. Chase 是全国性大银行,网点众多。
  5. 【New】此账户可以 refer a friend。请点击这个链接开始 refer。推荐此账户给朋友并且申请成功的话,每成功一个你可以得到$50,上限为$500(10人)/calendar year。注意 refer 出来的只有 Checking $200 + Savings $150 的开户奖励。
  6. Chase Checking 使用不当有可能会被杀全家,请绝对避免使用 Chase Checking 做以下几件事:存大额现金、规律性存现金、存 Money Order、境外大额汇款。正常地把工资 Direct Deposit 进去、存支票、美国的银行之间互相转账都没关系。详情请参考《如何避免被 Chase 杀全家》。
  1. 理论上来讲,Non-Resident Alien (NRA) 不能网上开户,需要去实体店(有些纯线上银行没有实体店就对NRA身份很不友好)。关于自己是不是 Resident Alien (RA),请参考《报税身份辨析》,如果谎称身份银行应该不会去查,但是对于可能存在的未知风险请自负。
  2. 开户奖励要交税,会发 Form 1099-int (for US Person) 或者 Form 1042-s (for Non-Resident Alien (NRA)),这两张税表对各种身份都是很安全的不必有任何担忧。


  1. 此开户奖励只针对新客户。正在拥有 Chase Checking Account 的人和关户90天内的人无法获得这个开户奖励。拥有 Chase Savings Account 和 Chase 信用卡不影响你获得这个开户奖励。
  2. 【New】 新的条款写的是两年内只能拿一次Chase Checking账户的开户奖励,也就是说Chase Sapphire Checking现在和Chase Total Checking是互相限制的。
  3. 开户90天内做一笔 Direct deposit (DD),金额不限。


  1. 每月做至少 $500 的 Direct deposit (DD);
  2. 维持此账户的每日余额在至少$1,500;
  3. Checking+Savings+investment 账户加起来每月平均余额至少$5,000。

Chase 是全国性大银行,网点众多,对于很多地方的人来说用它作为主力 Checking Account 都是可以的。加上其 Chase 如何在 Pocket Option 中登录和验证帐户 QuickPay 功能特别方便,更是让很多人选择长期开着这个账户。个人认为开/关一次拿开户奖励还说得过去,但是不建议仅仅为了获得开户奖励而反复开关他们家的账户,毕竟 Chase 家的信用卡实在是太给力了,如果把它惹恼了就得不偿失了。一定要注意,Chase Checking Account 浑身 G 点,请大家使用的时候一定要尽量避免现金交易以及大额交易,请仔细阅读《如何避免被 Chase 杀全家》。最高的开户奖励是 Checking $300 + Savings $300,一直都存在只不过大部分时候是 targeted 少部分时候是 public 的。这是个十分慷慨的奖励,如果没有拿过这个奖励,请抓紧时间上吧!




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React onClick event on component

I have a React component called that 如何在 Pocket Option 中登录和验证帐户 has many child s (another React component). I want to be able to declare an onClick event on each from within . I have tried doing the following:

Needless to say, I do not get any "Clicked!" coming up in my console. The React inspector in Chrome indicates that an onClick event is registered, with the above function body 如何在 Pocket Option 中登录和验证帐户 as it should be.

I conclude, therefore, that I can't register onClick events on the actual tags (I'm not sure why this is, however). How do I go about achieving this otherwise?

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This depends on your SensorItem component's definition. Because SensorItem isn't a native DOM element but, like you said, another React component, onClick as defined here is simply a property of that component. What you need to do is, inside of the SensorItem component pass the onClick prop to an DOM component's onClick event:

Got it, I had thought perhaps that a component automatically passed on any events to the main DOM Node ( getDOMNode() ), but there's no reason this should be the case.

I had thought, assumed, was certain that those geniuses at Facebook would've thought it would be convenient. Not convenient enough, I guess.

To add to that, you can pass through all props to the main DOM Node fairly easily with argument destructuring syntax like this: ``` const SensorItem = (<. props>) => < return (

> .
); > ``` That makes it future-proof if you need to add onDoubleClick, onKeyDown, etc.


The problem, as being explained in another answer, is that onClick on a React component (contrary to native DOM element like or

) is treated as passing of component property, and not of a DOM event handler. And as most likely your component doesn't declare onClick property, that property value simply gets lost.


The most straightforward solution is to add onClick property explicitly on SensorItem component, then pass it to the root DOM element of that component:

But the solution that usually works best for me is to group all the undefined component's properties using object destructuring notation, then pass them all to the root DOM element within that component. This way you can pass onClick , onHover , className etc. without needing to define separate properties for each one of them:

No matter which of the two approaches you use, the handler will now work, as it'll now be attached to the root DOM element of SensorItem :