富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍

富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍

Is Platypus Finance (PTP) a scam? Platypus Finance: https://platypus.finance/ Whitepaper: https://platypus-finance.gitbook.io/platypus-finance-docs/8UwrMXH5R5LefQiD7xwz/ CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/platypus-finance/ Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research.

Outlook for stablecoin as Yellen urges 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 U.S. to adopt rules

CoinDesk Global Macro Editor Emily Parker joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the outlook for stablecoins. #Stablecoin #CoinDesk #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Yellen Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gx-OzwHpM9k Subscribe to Yahoo Finance: https://yhoo.it/2fGu5Bb About Yahoo Finance: At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market…

Best DeFi yield pools. For Long-term Gains!

Support Dingle’s Newsletter: https://stanwith.me/Dinglecrypto Dingooos!! DEFI DEGEN! Like and subscribe:) Not Financial Advice Thanks for tuning in! DINGLE TOKEN: https://www.rally.io/creator/DNGL/ Become a Dingooo 🙂 Discord: https://discord.gg/2x6d5H43ng Telegram: https://t.me/DingleCrypto100 Personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshhudson023 Dingle Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoDingle TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@dingle.crypto?lang=en We discussed: defi, decentralized finance, yield farming, yield farming crypto, yield farming defi, pancake swap, crypto, money, cryptocurrency, passive…

The TOP TWO Defi Crypto Coins, PERIOD!

The bullish thesis behind Curve DAO and Convex Finance, the KINGS of DEFI! Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 03:36 What is Curve? 22:36 Welcome to Convex Finance 30:00 cvxCRV and the 1st “Flywheel” 35:14 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 What is CVX? 47:15 The 2nd “Flywheel” 55:07 Breaking Down the Bribes 01:04:15 Technical Analysis Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/crediblecrypto How to Stake…

TARAL TOKEN big burning event starts 1000 trillion से 1 trillion तक सफ़र स्टार्ट हो गया है 🚀🚀

#cryptocurrency #cryptodhamaal #taralcoin #taralitytoken Join my telegram channel https://t.me/cryptodhamaal01 join taral official telegram channel https://t.me/TaralityCommunity CoinGecko Logo Search Coins: 11553 Exchanges: 531 Market Cap: ₹181,991,413,439,468 -3.4% 24h Vol: ₹8,458,870,398,078 Dominance: BTC 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 38.0% ETH 20.8% ETH Gas : 128 gwei Coins Tarality Rank #N/A 8,036 people like this tarality (TARAL) 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 Tarality (TARAL) ₹0.01932823 -25.7% 0.00000001 BTC…

carbonfi finance stablecoin fork of iron finance and frax finance

carbonfi finance 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 stablecoin fork of iron finance and frax finance

(un)Stable Coins: The TITANic Downfall of Iron Finance

In the far reaches 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 of the DeFi universe, on a side chain called MATIC (Polygon), yield farmers were delighted to find 1000%+ APY in yield farming stable coins at Iron Finance. Iron Finance produced a new algorithmic, fractionally-backed stable stable coin (IRON), backed with partial reserves (in USDC) and paired with their governance 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 token TITAN.…

Concave Finance – Whitelist Opportunity (December)

EARLY ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE DISCORD: https://patreon.com/crypticape A potential whitelist opportunity that presents itself as Concave Finance, touting itself as the combination between OlympusDAO and Inverse Finance, as well as a partnership with Redacted. There isn’t much details on it yet, but here’s what we found… NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. DO YOUR…

Frax coin FXS analysis – listing in binance

Frax coin FXS analysis – listing in 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 binance In this video we have given information about one of the prominent Crypto coin along with its details 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 as specified on the web along with its analysis ——————————————————- Join Telegram For Free Trading Idea click on link and join – https://t.me/cryproseasignal ——————————————————– Open Binance trading Account Via…

DeFi 2.0: A Megatrend for the 2022 Summer

DeFi 2.0: A Megatrend for the 2022 Summer #Cryptocurrency #DeFi #NFT Projects that adjust capital efficiency in their protocol are 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 at an advantage. Interactions with real-world applications will be catalyzed by complete protocol decentralization. DeFi 2.0 is still 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 an ideal marketed on Twitter by a handful of projects. DeFi has been overshadowed by NFTs in…

Yield Farm Friday (12/24/21): Near Protocol Farms, HathorSwap, Beethoven, and More

Back with another Yield Farm Friday this week. I changed up the format of these videos to focus on upcoming launches, ecosystem fundamentals on growing Layer 1s, and projects with unique features. This 富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 channel has grown too big to continue covering microcap farms that will die within 3 days. As always, this video is for…


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注: 本API支持Python2.7/Python3.x, 推荐安装anaconda2或anaconda3环境,方便快捷。

  • 示例策略文件位于目录: (futu-api包安装目录)/py-futu-api/examples 下,用户可参考实例策略来学习API的使用。
  • set_futu_debug_model函数可以打开或关闭调试级别的log记录。
  • 如果打开记录,则会记录info级别的log并且记录所有逐笔、摆盘、券商经纪的推送记录,以便于后面排查,文件记录在%appdata%(%HOME%)\com.futunn.FutuOpenD\Log下面
  • examples\analysis下面会有对逐笔、摆盘、券商经纪的推送记录的分析脚本,与我们联系,拿到原始交易所数据后,可以载入比对(beta功能)
  • python脚本运行前,需先启动FutuOpenD网关客户端


  • 富途开放API群(229850364, 108534288)
  • 有一定交易额或特殊需求的用户请在入群后联系群主
  • 有任何问题可以到 issues 处提出,我们会及时进行解答。
  • 使用新版本时请先仔细阅读接口文档,大部分问题都可以在接口文档中找到你想要的答案。
  • 欢迎大家提出建议、也可以提出各种需求,我们一定会尽量满足大家的需求。


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Moomoo Financial Inc.

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Futu Clearing Inc.

在美国证监会 (SEC) 注册的持牌主体 (认证编号 CRD: 298769/SEC: 8-70215) ,是美国金融业监管局 (FINRA) 和美国证券投资者保护公司 (SIPC) 成员,同时也是美国存管信托公司 (DTC) 会员、全国证券清算公司 (NSCC) 会员、美股期权清算公司 (OCC) 会员,受美国证监会 (SEC) 和美国金融业监管局 (FINRA) 监管。

Futu Wealth Advisors Inc.

在美国证监会 (SEC) 注册的持牌主体 (认证编号CRD:310790/SEC:801-119635) ,持有注册投资顾问牌照,受美国证监会 (SEC) 监管。

Futu Futures Inc.

在美国全国期货协会 (NFA) 注册的会员 (注册编号NFA ID:0523957) ,持有美国期货牌照,受美国全国期货协会 (富途 Moomoo 股票投资平台介绍 NFA) 及美国商品期货委员会 (CFTC) 监管。

Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd.

在新加坡金管局(MAS)注册的持牌主体(牌照编号:CMS101000),持有资本市场服务牌照(CMS),持有财务顾问豁免(Exempt Financial Adviser)资质。同时,获新加坡证券交易所(SGX)全部会员资质,分别为:新加坡交易所证券交易会员、新加坡交易所中央存托结算会员、新加坡交易所衍生品交易会员、新加坡交易所衍生品清算会员、新加坡交易所中央存托托管会员。